Try Nootropics

If you want to become smarter and increase your intelligence you should consider trying nootropics. Many people all over the world have been using them with great results. Nootropics can really help you advance in your life and move your closer to your academic goals.

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Nootropics are really safe to use. They have very low toxicity and can help reduce the risk in your brain by reducing free radicals. This reduces brain aging.

Nootropics for Studying

Most people who buy nootropics use them for school. This gives them a great advantage because they can focus easier and it makes their thinking faster. Nootropics actually havent been proven to increase learning and memory. This will give you an overall advantage in your schooling and advance you towards your goals

Nootropics work by affecting certain recptor sites in the brain. These receptors bind to chemicals in the brain that increase learning and memory. Nootropics affect both of these areas and help your brain to speed up processes.


Racetams are the most popular types of nootropic supplements. They have been around since the 60’s and were invented in Russia. In many countires you need a doctors script to acquire nootropics but they can be obtained OTC in the United States.

It may not stay this way for long as the FDA has not found a place for them. Under the FDA law they are considered drugs however the drugs have no registered use in the US. This means it is a big grey area and people are still able to obtain these supplements online with limited hassle.

The FDA may or may not choose to keep racetams legal. these supplements have been proven to  be very safe even though they have no registered use. There have been zero reports of negative reactions and therefore racetams should stay legal and perhaps be allowed to be aquired over the counter as a drug.

A very popular nootropic racetam is called Piracetam. You may or may not have heard of this supplement but it is really popular. In other countries where nootropics have medical use, Piracetam is known as Nootropil. Nootropil has medical usage for certain cognitive problems.

Taking Piracetam is really easy. It usually comes in a powder form in a sealed bag. Piracetam is the cheapest nootropic supplement you can get. It usually ranges in price but you can find good deals on these supplements if you look around.


When I first tried Piracetam I was really sceptical. I did not expect it to work. When I examine a supplement, I always take caution and do not jump to conlussions as often, you experience the placebo effect. The placebo effect is when your mind tricks you into thinking the supplement is taking effect. this can often trick you as your mind is very powerful and works on suggestion very commonly.

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Anyway, when I took Piracetam it hit me very quickly. In about 10-20min after ingesting the nootropic powder, I felt a burst of energy but not the jittery energy common with coffee and energy supplements. This was clean mental energy.

One thing I noticed was that color became much more vibrant. This is very common with nootropics and racetams generally because it increases a chemical in the brain that helps with sensory function.

Another great benefit i noticed with this nootropic supplement was that it made me a lot quicker. I do a lot of online writing and bloggin and usually I’ll encounter roadbloack or writers block. I noticed later that day that my brain was working faster than I could type. Usually, it takes me a while to form the thoughts and sentences in my head but this was not so when I was under the influence of Piracetam. I read the article after, and I noticed there was very minimal grammical errors. I was sold on Piracetam.

There are other more potent nootropic racetams and I have tried most of them. It is good to play around with them and stack them as well. Sometimes, if you take a nootropic for too long, it will start to lose its effect and this is known as tolerance. This is why I often cycle the supplements. I never use one for too long and the very potent nootropics I use in times of need when I have a heavy work load or complicated task at hand.

Another thing I have to say is, always stack your nootropics with choline. Choline will add great benefits to your nootropic stack. With racetams, they increase the receptor site activity but not the chemicals that react at these sites. Choline is a precursor to the chemical that binds at these sites. Also, I learned that most people don’t get enough choline through their natural diets so it is best to supplement unless you eat a lot of eggs and choline rich supplements

Nootropics & Anxiety

This is another very interesting action about nootropics. I suffer from constant anxiety and I am always looking for ways to manage this. Often, when my regular anxiety reducing exercises do not work well, I will add a drug or supplement to help. Some of the supplements that have helped me in the past were CNS depressants like alchol and benzos. The problem with these are that they impair you and benzos are really addicitve.

I then moved to herbal supplements. I found that Valarien root worked well but lost its effects overtime and was looking for another option as my benzos were not a long term solution. Interestingly enough, I found that certain nootropics helped with my anxiety. Aniracetam worked very good for my anxiety but I am still trying to figure this one out.

I think that the anti anxiety effects have to do with the fact that Aniracetam has an affiliation with GABA. All the racetams have a similar method of action by why one works over another baffles me. It also really depends on the person, some people with anxiety who have tried nootropics said they had no effects whereas others like me, really felt the effects.

I also found Noopept, which is technically not a racetam, to have good effects for anxiety. So Aniracetam and Noopept I found usefull for this but their main effects really were the cognitive improvement. I found it was easier to make and continue an intelligent conversation. This has really helped me as I used to have problems with this and if you do I really recommened that you try taking nootropics.

Should I Try Nootropics?

I really think everyone should atleast try nootropics. There is lots of information about them on the web. Reports range from very good to minimal but I think it really depends on the person. I found them usual and it is likly that you will find the safe but you will never know untill you try.

Nootropics are very safe but your are taking a drug. I look at it this way, cough medicine is a drug, but you can get that OTC and it is safe if you follow the recommened dosages. This is the same with nootropics, they are safe if used properly. Also, if you are not into taking a synthetic compund to improve mental preformance, their are several herbal nootropics that actually work very very well. Huperzine A, Vinpocetine and Bacopa are some of the best and can actually work very good if you want the all natural approach.

So go ahead! Try them! Please follow my blog as I will be updating more experiences.